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$25 for $50 Worth of Scrapbook Supplies from Cricket's Daughter


No Longer Available
You Save
[Image: $25 for $50 Worth of Scrapbook Supplies from Cricket's Daughter]

The Fine Print

Expires 10-09-2011 11:45:00 PM
  • Offer only good on Scrapbook Supplies
  • Tax Not included
  • No change or credit given for unspent portion
  • Valid for one visit
Read the Deal FAQ for the basics.


  • Ecletic Selection of products
  • Fantastic Prices
  • Something for Everyone
  • Scrapbooking Sessions


Crickets Daughter is THE most eclectic store in Central Kentucky! Scrapbook Supplies are the order of the day for the week's deal.  This week only you can get $50 worth of scrapbook supplies for only $25! While you're there check out the wide array of products that Crickets Daughter offers like Paegant gowns and prom dresses, photo gifts, handmade jewelry, antiques, watches, and just about EVERYTHING in between. Crickets Daughter also offers scrapbooing classes on select nights. 

This offer is only valid on scrapbook supplies. 

The Company

Crickets Daughter

114 S. Main Street Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

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