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$5 for $10 worth of Sandwiches and More at Dagwoods


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[Image: $5 for $10 worth of Sandwiches and More at Dagwoods]

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50% off!

Spend just $5 for $10 worth of food!


Nobody knows sandwiches like Dagwood, and nobody appreciates a great sandwich more than our target customers.  The Dagwood’s menu includes signature sandwiches like New York deli-style Hot Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwiches, a traditional pressed Cuban sandwich, the New Orleans Roast Beef Po’Boy, Chicken Curry Swirl, and the quintessential Dagwood… a mouthwatering pound and a half skyscraper sandwich that would satisfy Dagwood himself!


Highly recommended. The food is fresh and well prepared. I have been in Lexington for a little over a year and was looking for a sandwich shop. I discovered Dagwoods when I went to Ramseys two door down. I've been there several times since and have been well satisfied. Again the sandwiches are great!

Carolyn via SuperPages


Best sub shop in town!

Kevin via UrbanSpoon


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The Company


3090 Helmsdale Place Lexington, Kentucky 40509

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